Extra Work: Taking the Figure of the Extra in Cinema as a Metaphor

2008, merz&solitude, ISBN: 978-3-937158-35-8
Format: paperback, 21 x 23,5 cm, 86 pages, English/Bulgarian

Edited by Jean-Baptiste Joly. Authors: Iara Boubnova, Ivaylo Ditchev, Jean-Baptiste Joly, Alexander Kiossev, Hedwig Saxenburger.

Available online at buchhandel.de, or from Akademie Solitude, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

EXTRA WORK is an invitation to a journey into the hyper-real world of moving images where no familiar thing should be taken for granted. It can be seen as a meditation and critical analysis on the language of cinema and its influences on contemporary culture. The publication gathers four art projects (photographs, video, film and installation) by Krassimir Terziev that elaborate on specific procedures of film production. Essays by experts in art history, philosophy, anthropology and literary studies show an interdisciplinary perspective towards the cinematic image beyond the polished surface of the film industry.



p07 - Jean-Baptiste Joly. Troy, the Epic Narration

p13 - Hedwig Saxenhuber. »Battle of Troy,« »A Movie« and »Remote Resemblances,« - a Gaze Deeply into the Collective Imaginative Space of the Cinema and Examination of its Material Make-up.

p28 - Alexander Kiossev. Extras Backstage

p53 - Ivaylo Ditchev. Global Flows of Extras

p59 - Iris Dressler. Precarity Now

p75 - Iara boubnova. Heroes and Extras vs. Extras and Heroes. The world according to krassimir terziev (some aspects of the artist’s concept).

p78 - Contributors

p10 - Extra

p18 - Remote Resemblances

p24 - A Movie

p34 - Mapping a Film Production in Time and Space

p42 - The Extras Talking

p50 - Battles of Troy

p62 - Background Action

p80 - Krassimir Terziev


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