(Self) Tracking Shot

2022, Structura Gallery, ISBN: 978-619-91962-2-9
Format: 27/21 cm, 132 pages, paperback

Conception: Maria Vassileva, Krassimir Terziev

Authors: Maria Vassileva, Krassimir Terziev

Design: Kalina Dimitrova

Translation: Lyubov Kostova

Photo credits: Anton Bakarsky, Kalina Dimitrova

Preprint: iSpace media

Print: Multiprint

Font: Alegreya by Juan Pablo del Peral for Huenta Typografica

Cover image: still from A Walk in the Gallery, 2022, computer generated video from a photogrammetric model

The catalogue has been published with the support the Singer-Zahariev Foundation


5 Maria Vassileva, pastpresentfuture


7 New World Order

11 Above / Below

13  Study for ‘Future Unforgettable’

14  Between the Past Which Is About to Happen and ...

18 Let's Dance/ Clothes for Collective Life

20 Drift

22 Future Unforgettable

24 Apollo Melanist Programme

24 Apollo Albino Programme

26 Family

28 Years Later

32 Monument to the Time Elapsed V

34 Monument to the Time Elapsed IV

36 Monument to the Time Elapsed

38 Transitional Newspaper

42 God Save...

44 On Crisis With Rhythm (With Georgi Arnaoudov) 46 Hot Chairs

48 A Walk in the Gallery

50 Do Your Bones Shimmer in the Moonlight?

52 Who’s Afraid of the Other Side

54 Whip Painting

56 Whip Painting II

58 I Am in a Room Different From the One You Are In

60 There Are Winters Nobody Is Prepared For

62 Things We Know We Know. Things We...

64 A Ghost That Once Looked Familiar and Homey

68 Incidents

70 Ghost in the Train

71 Four Seven Round-the-Clock

71 Ghosts in the Streets

72 Top 84 Ways of Going Greener at Home

74 [...] Suspended

78 Short History of Certain Type of Photography

82 Yet to Be Titled

84 Untitled (Moon Paradise)

86 A Message From Space in My Backyard

90 Worlds Routes Map

92 Peripheral Light Air and Sun (with Daniel Kötter) Ghost Descending a Staircase (with Daniel Kötter)

102 Between Flashback and Déjà vu II

104 Between Flashback and Déjà vu

106 Monu-Mental

108 Background Action

112 Just as Water, Gas, and Electricity Are Brought...

117 Library Paranoia

118 Blank

120 Domestication. The First Five Thousand Years

122 Session

124 Travells in the Unknown II

125 Project: Vanishing Point Without Horizon Dialogue

128 Solo Exhibitions (selection)

128 Collections

129 Group Exhibitions (selection)

131 Bibliography (selection)

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