Reconstructions of the Forthcoming

Curated by Maria Vassileva

Krassimir Terziev is known for his interdisciplinary approach, which allows him to analyze the present from different perspectives and raise questions related to politics, history, culture. Using the means of drawing, painting, video, photography, installation and sculpture, he examines problem areas from multiple perspectives in an attempt to reach their possible dimensions. Likewise, in his works the artist does not dwell on planet Earth but often ventures into unknown worlds in search of answers. Reality turns into fiction and the cosmos approaches and becomes an alternative to the endless dramas on earth.

At the center of the current exhibition is the computer-generated video “A Walk into the Gallery”. Stemming from entropy (the second law of thermodynamics) according to which all ordered things in nature tend towards destruction, towards chaos, the artist presents us the gallery space in a supposed future moment of advanced entropy.

Various ruins are present at the exhibition – the result of processes of entropy with diverse origins. A series of photographs are included that represent weightless walks in the reconstituted virtual space of the artist’s home. The 3D model of the place that became the only refuge, the contemporary Noah’s Ark during the restrictions and Covid-19 lockdowns, presents this fortress subject to the laws of entropy. Everyday objects such as plastic garden chairs are modified. We recognize the objects and places, but we also feel the invisible force of cosmic pressure that takes them away from us.

Multiple object-images are envelopes without density and refer to the specificities of material and phantasmal space, to doubles, déjà vu, mirages and ghosts. The exhibition features a car cover that covers the absence of a car. Sofia’s street lighting performs a club rhythm. The door of a train car opens and closes automatically without any moving figures being visible to provoke this. A clock performs a looped “dance” of a few seconds.

The solid and the stable are being animated. Krassimir Terziev brings elements of chance and experiment – the painting happens “on its own”, relying on the puncturing power of the paint applied to the back of the canvas; the drawings are created by whip strokes of thread dipped in colour on the surface of the sheet, which does not provide complete control. All these elements open up space for the imagination and its obviousness.


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One of the moving image works in the exhibition: Four Seven Round-the-Clock 2022 2:56 min, HD video, 16:9, sound

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The installation Hot Chairs on the cover of Literary Newspaper, #7, 23.02 - 01.03, 2022, ISSN 1310 – 9561

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