Future Unforgettable A Message from Space. Reconstructions

Emotional Universe

2019, installation, laser cut aluminium discs, wall painted in black, six disks 10 to 40 cm in diameter, 6 mm tick, dimensions variable

"... Emotional Universe uses a multitude of standard, suggested-to-memory images in its own planetary system. Using nothing other than templates, the work is executed as a template featuring the outlines on a flat circular background."

Svetlana Kuyumdzhieva, excerpt from Travelling Back to the Future, published in: Krassimir Terziev. Future Unforgettable, Versus Art Project, Istanbul, 2019

KrassimirTerziev. Future Unforgettable, Mar 7 — Apr 13, 2019, Versus Art Project, Istanbul, curated by Firat Arapoglu

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