A Walk in the Gallery

  • 2022
  • computer generated video
  • 10 min, looped, 4K, sound
  • projection, part of the series Reconstructions of the Forthcoming
  • EA 5 + 2AP

Somewhere in 2018 I started scanning places of significanse to me (a destroyed monument in Sofia, my home, our country house) and turning them into 3D models using the method of photogrammetry, so I thought that after home and the country house, the gallery is another such paradigmatic place and a walk in the empty gallery may be a good starting point for the development of a subsequent exhibition. I walked in this space or in its three-dimensional simulation, where there is no gravity to prevent me from using all the unusual angles towards the space of the white cube. The gallery walk at one point started resembling the walks that astronauts ostentatiously take on the International Space Station.


Krassimir Terziev: Reconstructions of the Forthcoming, 02.02.2022 - 12.03.2022m Structura Gallery, Sofia, curated by Maria Vassileva