There Are Winters No One Is Prepared For (Spring)

  • 2023
  • installation
  • linden bark, polyester resin
  • dimensions variable

In virtual worlds, there is growing sophistication in simulating “real-world” mechanics and the laws of physics. The technology to obtain extremely high-definition photo-realistic environments is already here, but it is still a world of
surfaces trying desperately to behave as if below and behind them, there is nothing other than calculation. The more “real” the virtual simulations become, the more troubles multiply in the real world. These firewood pieces exist between the real and the virtual. Stripped from their content, they still maintain the perfect idea of firewood. K.T.


Beyond All Reason. In the Mirror of Surreal Times, Apr 13 — Jun 3, 2023, Structura Gallery, Sofia, curated by Gregor Jansen