Between the Past That Is About to Happen and the Future That Has Already Been

Time Sticks to the Walls (co-authored with Tsvetelina Hristova)

There Are Winters No One Is Prepared For (Spring)

I come very briefly to this place. I watch it move. I watch it shake.*

Storm Door

Who’s Afraid of the Other Side

Do Your Bones Shimmer in the Moonlight?

Hot Chairs

Whip Painting

Four Seven Round-the-Clock

Ghosts in the Streets

Ghost in the Train

A Walk in the Gallery

Shelter Fantasies

I Am in a Room Different From the One You Are In*

There Are Winters for Which Noone Is Prepared

Monument to the Time Elapsed V

Family Album

Things We Know We Know. Things We Know We Don't Know. Things We Don't Know We Don't Know. Things We Don't Know We Know

[...] Suspended

New World Order

Top 84 Ways of Going Greener at Home

Universe of Attachments

A Ghost That Once Looked Familiar and Homey


Monument to the Time Elapsed III

Monument to the Time Elapsed IV

Future Unforgettable

Yet to be Titled

Emotional Universe

A Message from Space. Reconstructions

Short History of Certain Type of Photography

Between Flashback and Déjà-vu III

Apollo Melanist Programme

Apollo Albino Programme

Peripheral Light Air and Sun

Between Flashback and Déjà-vu II

Are you talking to me?

Ghost Descending a Staircase

Transitional Newspaper

The Look Objects Give Us Looking back through Us

Digital Green

Years Later

My Calendar


Between Flashback and Déjà-vu



Fifty Fifty

KingPartien KongDom

Everybody Knows

Domestication. The First Five Thousand Years

Monument to the Time Elapsed


Untitled (Moon Paradise)

The Markets are...

On Crisis with Rhytm

God Save...

(Self)Tracking Shot


Just as water, gas, and electricity are brought into our houses from far off to satisfy our needs in response to a minimal effort...

Space Enlargement Tool


Worlds Routes Map

A Message from Space in My Backyard

A Walk in the Neighbourhoods I and II

Background Action

Missing Scenes

The Return of the Beast. 1933-2005

Remote Resemblances

Battles of Troy

A Place (Playground)

A Market (the levels of the river Danube)

A Movie

Post-Urban Landscapes

On the BG Track (3)

On the BG Track.02

On The BG Track

Reality Pixels

Everything seems alright

Multiple Shadows


Library Paranoia

Let's Dance/ Clothes for Collective Life